METANANO 2018 conference

Cutting edge ideas for metamaterials and nanophotonics.

Last week I had a great time at the conference METANANO2018 in Sochi, Rusia. It was an excellent conference with great science and an amazing opportunity to meet new colleagues from all over the world. I presented our research on nanothermometry, from my time in Leiden. Fortunately, interesting ideas and... [Read More]

Near Field Optics conference (NFO15)

New ideas in the field of Nano-Optics.

Last week I attended, with almost all the NanoOptics group from TU Delft, the 15th edition of the International Conference on Near Field Optics and related techniques, NFO15 for short. The conference was held at the University of Technology Troyes (UTT), in France and was a great experience. [Read More]