This is a selected list of my presentations at scientific meetings.



  • Invited talk. Official launch of the Network of Argentine Scientist and Researchers in The Netherlands. Title: “Nanoantennas for single-molecule detection”

  • Contributed talk. NVV AMO2018, 25-26 September at Lunteren, The Netherlands. Title: “Nanothermometry with single gold nanorods”

  • Invited talk. Metanano, 17-21 September at Sochi, Russia. Title: “Gold nanorods as absolute nanothermometers”

  • Contributed talk. NFO 15, 27-31 August at Troyes, France. Title: “Gold nanorods as absolute nanothermometers”

  • Invited talk. PANIC meeting, 5-6 July, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland. Title: “Gold nanorods as versatile tools for nano-optics”

  • Poster presentation. NanoPlasm conference, 10-15 June, Centaro, Italy. Title: “Nanothermometry using single gold nanorods”

  • Poster presentation. National Dutch Physics conference (physics@Veldhoven), 23-24 January, Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Title: “Quantifying fluorescence enhancement for diffusing single molecules in plasmonic near fields”


  • Contributed talk. Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics International Conference 2017 (NANOP), 13-15 September, Barcelona, Spain. Title: “Plasmonic fluorescence enhancement for single-molecule electrochemistry”

  • Poster presentation. Discussions on Nano and Mesoscopic Optics (DINAMO), 14-19 May, Siglofjordur, Iceland. Title: “Methylene Blue electrochemistry at single-molecule level enabled by fluorescence enhancement”

  • Contributed talk. NanoFront winter retreat, 28-31 March, Courchevel, France. Title: “Single-molecule electrochemistry with enhanced fluorescent readout”

  • Contributed talk. National Dutch Physics conference (physics@Veldhoven), 17-18 January, Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Title: “Gold nanorod fluorescence enhancement enables single-molecule electrochemistry of Methylene Blue”


  • Contributed talk. National Dutch Chemistry conference (CHAINS), 5-7 December, Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Title: “Single-molecule redox reaction detection by enhanced fluorescence”

  • Contributed talk. The Third International Workshop on Metallic Nano-Objects (MNO 2016) 2-4 November, Lyon, France. Title: “Single-molecule electrochemistry with enhanced fluorescence output”

  • Invited seminar. Research seminar at the Center for Bionanoscience Research, 18 October, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Title: “Single-molecule electrochemical study of Methylene Blue”

  • Invited talk. 7th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonics Crystals and Plasmonics (META), 25-28 July, Malaga, Spain. Title: “Fluorescence enhancement with single gold nanorods for redox reaction detection”


  • Poster presentation. Discussions on Nano and Mesoscopic Optics (DINAMO), 8-12 April 2015, El Chaltén, Argentina. Title: “Laser induced Heat Mapping in Silicon and Gold Nanoantennas”

  • Poster presentation. Gordon Research Conference Single Molecule Approaches to Biology, July 2014, Lucca (Barga), Italy. Title: “Adhesion proteins recruitment in response to a functional mechanical stimulus”