Two days ago an article presenting our latest publication “Circular Dichroism Measurement of Single Metal Nanoparticles Using Photothermal Imaging” was published at the TU Delft website and also at the Leiden University website. We are proud of our collaborative work and we love to share it with the community.

In this paper, we show that we can measure the chirality of nano-objectes, for example, gold nanostructures, with a ten-times improved sensitivity. This is now possible through the combination of two techniques, a challenging task we manage in collaboration with people from the single-molecule optics group at Leiden university.

I would like acknowledged all my colleagues contributing to this paper, hopefully the first one of many and to especially thank Jerwin de Graaf from the TU Delft communication department who took the time to talk with me about our research project and write the nice article.

Main image credit: Thomas Bauer @ TU Delft.

Small image credit: Orbicons